Cycling – The New Golf…


Come cycle with us! Once a month, a group of us go cycling, usually somewhere in the South East – we try and rotate around North, South, East and West. The group has around 120 members, and in 18 months, we’ve not yet had a ride where there hasn’t been a group of at least 3-4 riders, usually 7 or 8 at least. It’s normally a no-drop (leaving nobody behind) 30 mile ride for around 2-3 hours on a Sunday.

There’s a facebook group –

And a Strava Club –
Get involved – there’s no obligation to turn up and no cost, so why not join us?!

NEXT RIDE:  See the document HERE which lists all our rides for the year

AND – visit and sign up to the best sportive of 2018!

And remember: if it’s not on STRAVA, it didn’t happen!

Corporate Cycling Days

Cycling’s the new golf – in fact it’s more than that, because it’s good for the team, rather than a good walk ruined! Get together, meet and have breakfast, go for a nice ride, then finish with an afternoon meal and a beer (or something more healthy!).

I’ve organised a number of cycling events now, and can tailor a package to your needs – whether it’s an off-road day on the south downs or a weekend in the Cotswolds, a longer trip, or just a quick ride around the Surrey Hills or Peak District – I can put the route together, organise support, source the riders and generally get everything sorted, so all you have to do is turn up, cycle and meet your clients and colleagues. If Europe is your thing in these Brexit times, then I’ve also cycled in France and Tenerife, and currently organising an event for LMND on the continent, so that’s another option to consider…

Track Days

Ever considered a session on the track? I’m working towards my track certification, and again, have organised corporate track days in the past, so can give you help and advice on the facilities at the Lee Valley Velodrome if you need it.