Business Systems

General Business Systems Advice, CRM, CSR, ISO & More

I’ve spent over eighteen years working with all aspects of business life. From setting up a small two-man business, to working within a 4,800 employee corporation, I’ve seen all kinds of questions raised around systems and management, and many different solutions. Some successful, some less so.

Companies are faced with an unending number of choices. CRM, DMS, E-Litigation, E-Disclosure and discovery are all serviced by a multitude of products.  Facing these choices without prior experience or a clear independent and objective strategy can lead to the wrong decision being taken.

Make use of my software development and business skills to help you assess what systems you need. Identify which will best fit your aims and business needs. I can help with the strategy and change management process that will be crucial for your business and its people to develop – the software is only a small part of the key to success.

And if CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is something you want help with, then I can help you reduce costs, improve your PR and generally ‘be nice’ as a business – ask me about CSR strategy and reporting.