Productive Presentations?

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Public speaking – needn’t be scary! After networking, public speaking is another feature of professional life which can strike fear into the heart of even the bravest of souls… I’ve been amazed at how many people either can’t do it, won’t do it, or do it really badly. Sometimes the people you’d think are great […]

Networking – leave me alone…

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Networking & Business Development Firstly, business development (BD) and networking are not marketing. Nor are they more important than marketing. They can be a result of marketing or linked to marketing, but marketing activities are quite different from the relationship building and development associated with networking. I’ve had the privilege over the past eighteen years […]

Thoughts on Ride London

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Firstly, what a spectacular weekend. I make no secret of it, I’m a huge fan of cycling. When I was a teenager, often when my friends were out discovering alcohol, I’d be up in the Peak District on my 1992 Raleigh Scorpio conquering Snake and Winnat’s pass. That love affair has never gone away… Ride […]