Why does marketing not get what it deserves?

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Of course at Limeslade we think marketing is one of the most important business activities there is. But our whole business is based on that assumption, so we would say that, wouldn’t we? The idea that marketing should be done in a silo, separate from other business activities is widespread. What constitutes marketing is confused […]

Are you formatted correctly?

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Have you ever watched a film or tv show and noticed that the vase of roses in the background has switched to tulips and back again or similar? Continuity mistakes are annoying, and you can’t believe that someone hasn’t spotted them before it makes it to the big screen. When mistakes happen, people can’t help […]

Let’s have a chat about GDPR…

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‘Right, I’ve had enough’ I said this morning to my business partner. ‘If I get one more email telling me unless I go through a complex series of processes the sender will never speak to me again, I shan’t be responsible for my actions…’. Someone said to me recently: we seem to be going through […]

Top ten tips for successful event planning

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For the past few years I’ve been organising and hosting events all over the world. From London, to Abu Dhabi, Singapore to Johannesburg. The contents, attendees and culture may change but the fundamentals of event organisation stay the same. If you’re new to event planning, or a seasoned event planner looking for a reminder,  these […]