About Me

After finishing University, following a brief stint with a few employers, I helped set up and develop a construction consultancy founded by an internationally respected expert. As employee 001, I helped the business grow to become one of the world’s most highly regarded in its field.

In 2005 we sold to a US-Based firm. I worked to obtain internationally recognised certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, safety and CSR systems, and develop business around the world. Working with a great international team, we grew an effective online and physical presence through evidence-based, results-led marketing and business development.

In the course of growing and developing the business, I undertook a postgraduate diploma in IT, followed by a law degree at Birkbeck College, London. More recently, I completed an MBA focusing on construction and real estate management. I’ve developed a great network of friends and contacts within the legal and construction professions. Highlights include time as a committee member with the CIOB and organising high-profile events worldwide, including London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Dubai, Oman, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Limeslade Consulting builds on the experience of more than 18 years in marketing, operational management and business development at one of the world’s leading firms.

Limeslade supports professional services businesses: law firms, solicitors, barristers, consultants, contractors and others within built environment and the law.

The focus is business development, marketing and support services advice.

In my ‘spare’ time, I’m a musician and avid cyclist, marshalling events for British Cycling as well as having organised corporate cycling events for my previous employer. I also like doing stuff for charity, raising money, supporting events, etc. And if I’m not on the road, you’ll find me in the velodrome going round in circles on a bike with no brakes…

If we’ve not met, I hope to meet you soon, and if we have, then hope to see you again soon!